Everest trek – day 16

by site editor Rick McCharles

Gokyo to Namche

Renjo La should have been the last high alpine crossing on my Three Passes of Everest trek. … It starts with a steep climb from Gokyo over the ridge (5345m) at the top right corner of this photo:

A particularly grueling 10hr trek to Thame.

Instead I turned south, deciding to end my trek as quickly as possible. I could make it to Namche from here in a long but easy walking day.

My 3 Passes route became a 2 Passes route. In the end, I did the lollypop loop in orange, skipping the Renja Pass in red.

Highlights of this day included 2nd Lake, Taujung Tsho

… and the Brahminy ducks on Longponga Tsho, 1st Lake.

Nobody knows why these birds decided to make their home at such high altitude.

Gokyo Trek

Very quickly I left the snow behind.

The trail got busier and dustier as I descended.

I spotted a colourful male Himalayan Monal (Impeyan Pheasant), much less common than the female, it seemed to me.

Finally, large trees started providing some shade.

That night in Namche I enjoyed “civilization”, staying (I think) in the same room slept in by Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter in 1985.

Namche at night

It felt great to be finishing such a long hike.

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