Everest trek – day 2

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

Is it safe to trek independently in Nepal?

Is it safe to trek solo in Nepal?

Yes. And yes.

On the other hand, while I was there posters were up for a missing Russian trekker. And a missing Chinese trekker.

The majority of hikers in the Everest region hire a guide, porter(s) and/or pack animals.

group tent camp

But there are many, many hiking independently. And solo. I feel Nepal is one of the safest places to hike solo anywhere in the world. I met many women traveling solo.

The trails are packed with people! It’s difficult to ever find yourself alone on a trail.

Certainly independent hikers are experienced. They know what they are doing. Have proper gear. And carry a good guidebook.

… No independent hiker takes a suitcase with wheels to Mt. Everest.

Still feeling fatigued, I didn’t go far day 2. I set up camp early afternoon on a sand bank on a side stream, the Monjo Khola. And enjoyed a day hike up the side valley away from the crowds on the main trail. A rough trail leads to Kusum Kangru base camp, the most difficult of the Nepal trekking peaks.

It was an early night reading the one novel I carried up to the mountains. (And later listening to audio books on my two iPods.)

By late evening my stomach was feeling better. I was getting acclimatized.

all photos from Everest trek – day 2

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