hiking Picos de Europa, Spain – day 4

Day 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Kraig Adams video

Trip ReportPicos de Europa Circuit – by site editor Rick McCharles


Here I am, elated to have tented rather than staying under roof at the Collado Jermoso refugio.


It’s a long, slow, pretty 1200m (3937ft) descent. Check out the wall looking back up from the valley.


My 4km return detour along the river to the town of Posada de Valdeon was well worth the time.


I resupplied at the bakery and two grocery stores.

I took time, too, to visit the Mirador del Tombo.

Mirador del Tombo
more interesting photos of this monument

Ascending back into the trees, I was shocked to see the leaves changing. This was the first time it had dawned on me that my summer of hiking Europe was ending. This was to be my last.

Sept. 12th
Sept. 12th

There were many more Chamois on this section of trail, the largest herds I’d yet seen.


Though I had still not found a water supply, I finally set up the tent in a pretty spot well above the Picos mist.


Eventually the mist rose up to engulf me.


See the rest of my photos from day 4.

Day 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Kraig Adams video

2 Replies to “hiking Picos de Europa, Spain – day 4”

  1. Hey there…LOVED the photos…I would be hiking alone in the summer. Can you camp anywhere? Is there designated sites? Any back country huts? Other recommendations in the area. I’m looking for a multiday hike to do solo as well. I have 9 weeks in spain…4 weeks with out children…So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias!!!! Tami

    1. Buy a guidebook in advance, likely this one:

      It will answer most of your questions.
      Picos de Europa


      It’s easy to get lost. Buy a map when you get there. (Easy to find.)

      GPS would be terrific there.

      You can stay in “refuges”. Personally I prefer to wild camp in a tent, especially in this amazing environment. That’s slightly illegal so you need to be a bit discreet.

      The Cares Gorge would be great for kids. Anything else is pretty rugged.


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