Ultra Tour Trail du Mont Blanc 2009

Laura Jones, a reporter from the U.K., hiked a 10 day tour:

… the lovely thing about the TMB is that the drama of those awesome panoramas of glaciers and mountain peaks are interspersed with walking green valleys filled with Alpine flowers, twisty turney streams, chalky blue mountain lakes – and if you’re lucky marmosettes.

The changing scenery that accompanies the ascents and descents kept me hooked.

There were whole days where we didn’t see another soul as we walked ridges running alongside racks of glaciers.
Other days we passed through hamlets, villages and towns and then really appreciated being back in civilisation:
Champex, Courmayer and La Fouly were particularly lovely. …

read more – Tour de Mont Blanc

That article links to the most extreme version of the TMB:

… the biggest trail ultra in the world. With 2300 competitors, 166kms of Alpine trails, 9,400 metres ascent and 3 countries to pass through …

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Check out TMB information page if you might be interested in hiking it yourself one day.

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