hiking Jungfrau, Switzerland – day 3

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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Jungfrau hike – day 3

Descending into Lauterbrunnen valley was amazing. It’s (obviously) a valley of waterfalls, the most famous of which is Trummelbach.


My goal for the day … and for the past 20yrs or so … was carless, careless Gimmelwald. (Not to be confused with Grindelwald.)


“… Once a secret bolthole for hikers and adventurers looking to escape the region’s worst tourist excesses, tiny Gimmelwald is seeing a lot more foot traffic these days. But even even increasing crowds can’t diminish the scintillating … Swiss scenery and charm. …”

The views from there and nearby Mürren are AMAZING.


Sadly, I was too energetic and excited to stay a night or two at Mountain hostel in Gimmelwald. Or at Esther’s Guesthouse next door. I wish I had.

The weather was perfect yet again so I decided to push on, perhaps climb up to Schilthorn 2970m.

Guidebooks say the view from this is even better than that from the TOP OF EUROPE … though it’s a much less expensive ride up. Free if you walk up to Schilthorn.


You’ve seen Schilthorn. It was used in the James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

I climbed without my pack up only to the second last station, Brig. What a view!


Then descended quickly so I’d have a chance to make it over the next high pass before nightfall.

It was a beautiful walk in the late day alpine light.


I did manage to clear the next pass, Sefinenfurgge, just at dusk. Not having a proper guidebook, it was a big surprise to find these stairs on the other side.


This valley most visitors to the Jungfrau region never see. It’s more precious for being less travelled.

Click through to see all my photos from day 3

This is the highlight section of what some call the Alpine Pass Route (20 days):

Guidebook – Cicerone Alpine Pass Route, Switzerland, Europe – A Trekker’s Guide. Once again, by Kev Reynolds.

This was my last major hike in the Alps. I headed next to Scotland.

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2 Replies to “hiking Jungfrau, Switzerland – day 3”

  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing. Switzerland is such a stunning country, one of my favourites! If you want some more inspiring Swiss trip ideas you should check out Exodus, who I work for. They run a variety of trips in this stunning country, from the highlights of Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn circuit. Check them out at:
    Love the blog and the photos- keep up the good work!

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