Adventure Sports Week – whither Team Nike?

UPDATE – Team Nike Beaver Creek won the first annual Adventure Sports Week 2-day Adventure Race.


For this race the team was made up of Mike Kloser, Gretchen Reeves and Jay Henry. Congratulations.

official results

The win was far from easy, however. Nike was pushed hard by Team Life Cycle: Jared Hanly, Roger Viollette and Ian Hoag.

=== Original post posted after day 1:

We were thrilled that a Team Nike was willing to race in our first annual Adventure Sports Week. They instantly became the favourites.

But the team, led by Mike Kloser, seemed on day 1 to be cursed. (Or sabotaged, as I joked.)

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

pushing Mike's bike
pushing Mike's bike

They had far too much Adventure, not enough Race.

Happily, The Crux and The Crucible Adventure Race this weekend in gorgeous northern Idaho is 2 long days of 13-14hrs.

Nike got out to a better start this morning, day 2, at 6AM. Trail run, lake swim, portage, kayak …

No disasters, so far.

I suspect by late Sunday night they will have found a way to win. Despite all the setbacks.

I’ll update this post with results after the race.

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