Tour de Mont Blanc trip report

The Tour of Mont Blanc is one of our top 10 hikes in the world.

Marc Sebastian Pelzer has done 3 TMBs since 2003, in 2007 remembering to bring his wife Romana.


Marc posted an excellent trip report of their 2007 adventure:

Approximately 175 kilometers and 12,000 vertical meters ascent and descent around the mountain massif of Mont Blanc in the triangle of France, Italy & Switzerland. This is Europe’s most beautiful trekking tour. The “Tour Du Mont Blanc”. …


… Each stage was different than the previous one and had its own unique character. Each stage was a sporting challenge. On average, we went about 15 kilometers per day and completed to 1000 meters of altitude ascent and descent. …

trip report – original German

trip report – Google translated to English

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