10 best hikes in the Eastern Sierra

Local expert Dave McNeill picks his favourites for Along Highway 395.

The Eastern Sierra provides a lifetime of places to hike. The terrain ranges from very challenging to a mellow walk in the woods and extends for nearly 250 miles along the great eastern escarpment of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains.

1. Horseshoe Meadow
2. Onion Valley
3. Taboose Pass
4. Big Pine Canyon
5. North Lake
6. Pine Creek
7. Rock Creek
8. Sherwin-Valentine Trail
9. Red’s Meadow
10. Gem Lake

A must see highilght is the Devil’s Postpile out of Red’s Meadow.

Devil's Postpile

Devil's Postpile

flickr – Sean94110 – larger version

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4 thoughts on “10 best hikes in the Eastern Sierra

  1. Yay, the Eastern Sierra! My favorite place to be in the entire world. I’d have to say that it’s hard to find a bad hike over there. Anything that gets you into that kind of high mountain territory is a killer hike!

    My favorite so far is probably Kearsarge Pass (out of Onion Valley) – the trail is really well built and graded, and the views are just incredible – those lakes, wow! It’s probably my favorite Sierra entry point on the east side.

    • Rebecca, I could not be in more agreement wit you. I have climbed to the pass (both with and sans backpack) several times. The setting is sublime High-Sierra. The view from the pass is worth it, believe me. Even moderately well-conditioned folks should be able to make it, take your time, SIT DOWN and rest when you get tired, and just keep plodding. Even if you’re not up to the climb, the setting at the parking lot is gorgeous, take a picnic lunch and enjoy the afternoon. The parking lot is notorious for its naughty bears, leave NO food in your car (there are lockers available to use for free).

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