Survivorman is back – Survive This

… When Les Stroud announced his retirement from “Survivorman” last year, wilderness-TV fans shed some tears, but we all hoped he’d be back. We’re happy to report the time has come: Les Stroud returns to Canadian TV this week with “Survive This,” in which eight teenagers with varying levels of outdoor skill are thrust into the Northern Ontario woods to survive with no tools outside of their clothes. …



I’ve got some teenagers I want to nominate for next year’s series.

YTV – Survive This

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The Pulse blog’s Steve Howe will be watching any TV show related to wilderness safety. Check his recent post: EASTER VANISHINGS AND RESURRECTIONS – A quick survey of the missing, the found, and the lucky

3 Replies to “Survivorman is back – Survive This”

  1. Hey i was wondering if I could come and be on the show. Me and one of my close freinds watch you show all the time. Sometimes on weakend we go out in the woods like 15 miles and stay there and mak a camp(without tools). Most of the time we stay out there for like 6 hours. But, yea I was just going to see if my freind and I could come out and be on the show. pleaze write back.

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