7800mi backpacking the Andes

Deia Schlosberg & Gregg Treinish were named Adventurers of the Year by one of the National Geographic magazines.


did-itTwo years. 7,800 miles. No roads. That was how Deia Schlosberg, 28, and Gregg Treinish, 26, vowed to trek the length of the Andes. They had no idea what they were getting into. Beginning in Papallacta, Ecuador, the two Montana-based wilderness educators cobbled together a route of llama tracks, old Inca roads, and forgotten trade paths down the spine of the world’s longest mountain range. It was an Andes few outsiders had seen before. For good reason: “We were lost the entire time,” Treinish says. “Every time we wanted to quit, we were so far in the middle of nowhere that it wasn’t even an option.” …

National Geographic Adventure – Trekking the forgotten Andes

As I write I’m listening to their audio interview on Wend magazine.

… successfully completed the trek, after covering 56 degrees of the globe, trekking more than 7800 miles, we became the first two people to backpack the Andes Mountain Range, the first two to walk it through the mountains without relying on roads, and Deia became the first woman to have walked South America. …


It was a struggle at many times. There are no fixed long distance trails.


home page – Across the Andes

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  1. I would love to hear of so many ausome treks. Hillary Wilkins of the rocky mountains colorado. Born just outside the cache la poudre river, Bellevue. Makes Noosa yogurt sold in stores. Sure is yum
    The best.
    Pikes peak ski country ski usa and definite mountains to climb. The hut division and red guides out people. Locally it was the honor system and good training ground. And;
    breckenridge copper mountain. Go the x games snow board the boys are rad the girls just rock! C.D.L. trail and has off shoot of the Colorado trail. Frisco and the summit County. Wolf creek pass is amazing and backs right into the infamous Santa Fe and incredibly beautiful 500inches per year! Let it snow a proverb. Hillary. Yes. Mountains.yes. Sir Edmond Hillary yes. Is my heritage; yes. Oh! Look around, there is snow melt for drinking water….bathe in a cool flowing river and there are hotsprings. Mind over matter. No. Focus sleep rest think clearly yes. Live in mountains visit in warm weather. Love. Essential. Listen to your own heart.

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