hike the Forbidden Plateau, B.C.

Easiest access to Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island.

I finally found the time to hike this very popular destination, only 1hr from my parents house in Parksville, B.C.

… The gently sloping sub-alpine terrain is broken by small, rugged hills and pitted with small lakes. Much of it is contained within Strathcona Provincial Park, and a network of trails facilitate hiking, cross country skiing, and access to Mount Albert Edward.

wikipedia – Forbidden Plateau

Highlights include lakes and alpine meadows (former lakes). In fact, the most popular trailhead is Paradise Meadows at Mount Washington Alpine Resort ski hill. Most famous for ski and mountain bike trails, the Forbidden Plateau draws thousands of hikers each year, as well.

I camped at Circlet Lake. This is the best campground basecamp for those who plan to scramble off-trail routes in Strathcona. (The most popular being Albert Edward and Castle Crag.)

I feared the trails would be tree locked. Not so. The views are quite open. It’s consistently pretty. A section close to the ski resort is even wheelchair accessible. There are good options here for hikers of all ability levels.

See the rest of my annotated photos on flickr – hiking Forbidden Plateau, B.C.

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