Buffalo River outdoor adventures in Arkansas

dbarnett of the excellent A Little Closer to Heaven blog posted his Top 10 Buffalo River Adventures in Arkansas.

Ahh, Hawksbill Crag, the most photographed place in Arkansas. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures before and dreamed of going there. It’s only a 3 mile hike…what’s stopping you?


Click through for photos and details.

Part I
10. Hideout Hollow
9. Indian Creek
8. Buffalo River Float- Ponca to Carver
7. Fitton Cave
6. Hawksbill Crag


Part II
5. Big Bluff
4. Lost Valley
3. Hemmed-In Hollow
2. Shop Creek Slot Canyon
1. Buffalo River Trail

3 Replies to “Buffalo River outdoor adventures in Arkansas”

  1. if you think shop creek is one of the only slot canyons in the buffalo,you need to get your map out and do some exploring

  2. Do not rent a canoe, kayak, or raft from Buffalo Outdoor Adventures. Their customer service is terrible and they are extremely rude.

  3. We have never rented from BOA because their prices are higher and they wouldn’t put us in unless we had a large group. I will say that this season BOA would never give us a set price over the phone because gas is as high as it is. I can’t comment on their services though. We have always used Riverview Motel and have never had a problem. We just called ahead to get the boats and they have never been hesitant no mater the group size. Nice people and good service.

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