neoprene socks on the trail

I’ve always been suspicious of “waterproof socks” for hiking:

Seirus Stormsock Waterproof Sock

Seirus Stormsock Waterproof Sock

Crow confirms “they stink”: Waterproof socks: A bad idea

She likes neoprene socks. As do I.

It was an accident that started me wearing neoprene, actually. I took normal hiking footwear and water walking shoes on the West Coast Trail. And ended up wearing my speciality water shoes with neoprene booties for the entire hike. They were so bloody comfortable.

Sure my feet got “wrinkled”. But a quick rinse was enough to remove the sweat. And they dry in seconds.

Consider this option. One example:

Body Glove Flipper Slipper Neoprene Sock

Body Glove Flipper Slipper Neoprene Sock

I don’t wear neoprene on every hike. But my booties were perfect in Paria Canyon.

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