happy birthday best hike blog

glutton-baby.jpgIt’s been 2yrs since we added the blog to besthike.com.

The first post was called: Introducing Rick McCharles. (Our site editor hasn’t matured much since. But at least he’s still a glutton for hiking.)

Over 840 posts, some of the most popular are surprising:

  • want to hike South America?
  • Best hikes, treks & tramps in the world
  • Cirque of the Towers, Wyoming
  • amazing photos – Marc Shandro
  • Sierra High Route, California
  • 3300 miles around the Alps
  • is heli-hiking cheating?
  • geotagging photos – cool !
  • Paria – the best canyon walk in the world
  • best hiking guidebooks
  • One day we need to put up an editor’s choice list of best posts. (Pinky promise to do that before we hit 1000 posts.)

    Leave a comment if you have recommendations to improve this blog. (Hint — demand “more maps”.)


    Always a bridesmaid …

    (We were a couple of days later to the party than The Adventure Blog which celebrated a 2yr anniversary January 16th.)

    3 Replies to “happy birthday best hike blog”

    1. Hey! Amazing! We started just a few day apart, and yet have shared a lot of common ideas, thoughts and stories. Great minds think alike you know! 😉

      Keep up the great work. Love the site, and it’s amongst my daily stops!

    2. Testimonials rolling in for besthike editor. (Actually, “testimonial”.)

      From Rocco:

      Keep in mind that Mr. Besthikes employs some unusual strategies in the wild. Here are some examples from the WCT 2005:

      · Prior to beginning the hike, shotgun cans of beer in the parking lot as a team builder

      · Continue laughing and backslapping and teambuilding in the parking lot until sunlight fades, then head into deeply forested trail

      · As night falls, continue drinking and adjust headlamps for TOTAL DARKNESS

      · Route test all high tide areas BEFORE reading the guidebook. If you find yourself in rising waters read guidebook and proceed accordingly

      · Keep everyone’s spirits high and sign off each night with sombre “The worst is yet to come.”

      Indeed, Mr. Besthikes is the best damn hiking guide there ever was…..

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