#7 best hiking region in the world is …


A trip to The Kingdom of Nepal may well be the best hiking holiday of your life.

It’s the abode of the Gods.

The exotic Buddhist and Hiindu culture is as fascinating as are the world’s highest peaks.

Most trekkers are set on Everest or Annapurna, but there are many other great choices, especially if you sign on with a trekking company that can get you into restricted areas like Mustang.

Tourism is important to the Nepalis. Foreign hikers feel welcome as soon as they arrive. And hiking in the world’s highest mountains can be “easy” on “tea house” treks where you stroll with just a day pack.

Or, if you want the full mountaineering experience, sidetrip up, up, up towards the clouds.

The weather and conditions are much milder than you might expect. Best months to trek are Oct-Nov (post-monsoon) and April-May (pre-monsoon).

More information on our new Nepal information page.

Our favourite hike in Nepal is the Annapurna Circuit. It’s our #8 hike in the world, as well.

See our Annapurna Circuit Information page.

Some feel Annapurna is in decline as roads and motor vehicles are degrading the Circuit. That won’t happen to the Mt. Everest region. Check out the Nov. 2009 16-day Everest trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles.

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