#9 best hiking region in the world is …

The Alps

Many North American hikers pooh-pooh hiking in Europe as “too civilized and too expensive”. The ones who have never hiked there.

With advanced planning you can get to some of the best wild scenery in the world and not go bankrupt in Europe.

Iconic peaks reflected in tranquil mountain lakes, sweeping hillsides blanketed in wild flowers and dramatic, sprawling glaciers characterize the Alps. Discover why this mighty range, the birthplace of modern mountain walking, has enthralled walkers for centuries. – LP

The culture and history of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenian and Switzerland are an added bonus.

Travel is easy in Europe, of course, but the hiking window is short. You want to be there Jun-Sept, the same high season as North America.

More information on our new Alps information page.

Our favourite trip in the Alps was the Tour of Mont Blanc. But after besthike editor found the TMB crowded with hordes of tour groups the summer of 2009, we changed our “favourite hike in Europe” to the more challenging Walker’s Haute Route, Chamonix to Zermatt.

Both long hikes are in the same region, sharing sections of trail near Chamonix. Both are great, truth be told.

Consider both these adventure:

Tour of Mont Blanc Information page

Haute Route information page

Check out, too, the 2009 Haute Route trip report (Mt Blanc to Matterhorn) by besthike editor Rick McCharles.

Leave a comment if you have your own favourite hike in the Alps.

3 Replies to “#9 best hiking region in the world is …”

  1. Mont blanc is indeed one of the highest peak in the Alps and the sceneries are breathtaking .Hiking in such place is indeed worth all the pain and struggle because you can overcome them when your already at the peak of mont blanc.

  2. We would like to go hiking in the Alps in March. Is it too dangerous because of the snow or is it possible to hike then?

  3. Should be OK on most of the lower trails. But you would need to check specifically with locals once you know which trail you would most like to do. There are so many choices.

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