Top bull

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Top bull, originally uploaded by busybeingborn.

Hiking photos traipsing right through the middle of an Elk rut. (By the look of the photos.)

“A big bull elk, with some of his progeny. Looks like one half of his antlers has been worn smooth by combat.”

From Tom Mangan’s personal blog, Busy Being Born: All day on the Marin coast.

These guys are more dangerous than bears, Tom. Be careful out there.

2 Replies to “Top bull”

  1. Rick: the picture was taken on max zoom from over 30 yards away … and these are tule elk, much smaller than the elk in the mountains up your way, and they’re accustomed to lots of hikers on the trail.

    So, not all that dangerous … but I stayed on the trail; no telling what they’d do to people who do stupid things.

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