my long awaited hiking kayak – Alpacka Raft

For over 2yrs I’ve been researching inflatable and foldable kayaks I might carry for paddle hiking. Getting to good hiking routes by paddling across the lake rather than walking around.

It’s here. But it’s a raft. (Now to find the $800. Or a cheaper used one.)

Erin & Hig convinced me. They’re using Alpacka rafts on a 4 thousand mile charity journey from Seattle to Alaska.



more Alpacka Raft PHOTOS

Alpacka rafts come in three sizes: Small (Alpaca); Medium (Yukon Yak); Large (Denali Llama). I want the smallest, lightest, the Alpacka, likely with spray skirt.

Total weight is between 4-6lbs plus paddle. I can carry that!

Always follow the packrafting rule of “don’t float it if you can’t swim it”. These boats are incredibly tough for their weight, but they can still puncture if you are not careful. Good packrafters try to avoid hitting obstacles. (A patch kit is included.)

If interested, check out these links:

Alpacka Rafts – about

Interview – Alaska businesswoman Sheri Tingey, Alpaca Raft Inc.

Alpacka packrat – June ’07 Canoe & Kayak Magazine

packraft – Wikipedia

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