world’s most southerly trek – Isla Navarino

Any arguments?

The Dientes Circuit is the most southerly track we can find listed in a hiking guidebook.

It’s in Patagonia, the jumping off point Puerto Williams, Chile.

From there you can circumambulate the jagged spires of Cordon de los Dientes with constant vistas as most of the route is above treeline.


Nick & Jenni felt it was one of the big highlights of their round-the-world adventure. Certainly Jenni posted the best trip report we’ve yet seen:

From the Paso de los Dientes we had great views over the islands making up Cape Horn (about 150km further south). We wondered how many people there were further south than us at this point, not many – cruise ships in Antartica & the scientists on Antartica & not many others. …

… Apart from the tent on the first day, we didn´t see another soul until we hit the road on the last day. It was a really good walk & we both really enjoyed it. There was a lot of fresh snow on the Dientes and the surrounding mountains – making it all very picturesque.

Isla Navarino – the Dientes Circuit » TravelBlog Archive » Nick & Jenni’s Wanderings

How to trek Dientes Circuit – besthike information page:

  • 53.5km (33mi) plus sidetrips
  • 5 days, 4 nights minimum

Be ready for wind and rain!

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Check our Dientes information page.

2 Replies to “world’s most southerly trek – Isla Navarino”

  1. i did this trek solo in late March 2004. It was a great journey with lovely views and startling evidence of beaver activity in all the rivers and lakes! I did it in three days, however, at a fair pace. Not impossible although finding dryish flat places to camp was a challenge. Route finding at that time was easy out of the cloud (not that I hit every route marker) but there was not path to speak of for much of the walk after day one. I didn’t see a soul (my companion doubled back after a snowy first night left him feeling ill-equipped) and the feeling of isolation at the half way point was pretty special.

    On my final day came rain as I crossed the highest pass. The descent from there was very steep in places and route finding through the final wooded descent led me to follow a series of guanaco trails. No sign of any official route at that time. I wonder whether that’s changed at all now.

    Highly recommended! Definitely stock up on large bars of the chocolate with nuts in. Kept the morale high.

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