should Angel’s Landing be closed?

Good and important question:

What should the National Park Service do, if anything, with Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park?

This question arises every time there’s a fatality, and rightly so. The recent death of Barry Goldstein has rekindled the debate, with at least one reader believing the Park Service should, in essence, certify the ability of hikers determined to reach the landing.

… How do you guard against canoeists, kayakers and rafters drowning while on park outings?

What about those who are swept away by avalanches, who are attacked by grizzlies, die from the heat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, or fall from Half Dome in Yosemite?

National Parks Traveler: Should Anything Be Done With Angel’s Landing?

original photo – flickr

details – our Angel’s Landing information page

One Reply to “should Angel’s Landing be closed?”

  1. I don’t know the difficulty, but maybe certifying hikers is a good idea, or signing a waiver accepting the risks. But having never been there, I’m definitely opposed to it being closed… at least until after I get to hike it!

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