Alpacka lightweight raft

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Raft 11cropped, originally uploaded by adamnoman.

I think I need this for pioneering a new route on Vancouver Island.

The Alpacka packraft rolls up to about the size of a 3-person tent and weighs only 4 pounds. Add the Alpacka deck for 11-ounces more and you can motor through rapids in the inflatable bathtub.

It’s a pretty cool little boat, but it’ll set you back almost $800. It’s a lot of money, but apparently it’s more than just a pool toy—the little boat is popular for long backpacking trips and gaining access to unclimbed ranges. The Goat » Blog Archive » Lightweight Inflatable Kayak Looks Suspiciously Like Tire Inner Tube

Thanks Rocky!

Alpacka rafts

One Reply to “Alpacka lightweight raft”

  1. I think I would rather go for one of these:

    Looks like a lot of fun to build, and I think it will work with any tarp. The possibilities are endless! Two person, build it around your packs (front and rear) etc.

    Does anyone know of someone building and using these? If I ever stumble on a river that I need to cross, this is how I plan to do it.

    I keep on planning a building one of these up at the lake, just for fun, and to gain some knowledge that might save me in the wilderness one day.

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