top 10 hikes in the world

#1) West Coast Trail, BC, Canada
#2) John Muir Trail, California, USA
#3) Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand
#4) Ausangate Circuit, Peru
#5) Sunshine to Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada
#6) Glacier North Circle, Montana, USA
#7) Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
#8) Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
#9) TMB (Tour de Mont Blanc), Europe
10) Overland Track, Tasmania



Our highly subjective top 10 for 2006. These are the trekking adventures we feel most likely to “change your life”.

If you have any opinion (especially if you can recommend a better hike than any of these) leave a comment at the bottom of this post. In fact, we would happily post your own Top 10.

UPDATE: The “California is the Center of the Outdoor Universe” crowd want John Muir Trail to be #1. (They hint at a bias towards Canadian hikes because besthike is based out of Canadia.)

7 Replies to “top 10 hikes in the world”

  1. We have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the Wonderland Trail, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the John Muir Trail and the Grand Canyon.

    We are about to embark on the West Coast Trail and will let you know how it ranks.



  2. I would add the Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop (Grand Canyon) hike. It is a very demanding and beautiful 26 to 43 (w/side trips) mile hike from the North Rim to the river and back. Awsome scenary, beautiful river, creeks, and falls and a wounderful play area in the Deer Ceek Narows. To enjoy the fullest, plan on 5 night/6 day trip which would include a layover day in Deer Creek. – rw

  3. A friend of mine used to be a trekking guide in Tasmania, and he swears the South Coast track there is better than the Overland track (partly because he think it’s even more beautiful, and partly because it is much, much, less popular)

    It’s still a great list, I’d struggle to argue with any of the others

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