Pukaskwa Coastal Hiking Trail, Canada

Living close to the Rocky Mountains I generally look down on any hikes … east of the Rocky Mountains.

trailend.jpgBut when Kevin Huinink contacted me about his 8-day trek along the rugged shore of Lake Superior in Ontario, I was impressed. In fact after reading his trip report, I added Pukaskwa to our list of the best hikes in the world.

Kevin, like myself, is keen on coastal hiking — much more challenging and fascinating than you might expect.

Kevin’s trip report makes you feel you were there. They struggled at times though it sounds like the two boys aged 11 and 13 handled it well. Congratulations. An adventure like this they will remember for life.


The Coastal Hiking Trail … is a tough hike and requires proper planning, equipment, fitness, and backcountry skills. Campsites are located near beaches and bays.

All backcountry hikers must register-in and register-out with park staff. The park limits the number of parties permitted in the backcountry. …

Trail base may be masked with windfall, herbaceous plant growth or washouts. The northern section of the trail (Hattie Cove to Cave Harbour) is well used and generally clear. Southern sections, especially south of Oiseau Bay, are quite rugged, less used and can sometimes be confused with game trails. A compass, topographic map (1:50,000 scale) and trail guide are strongly recommended.

Do not attempt to swim or wade across swollen rivers or fast flowing waters.

Parks Canada – Pukaskwa National Park of Canada

The Coastal Hiking Trail winds from Hattie Cove, south through the boreal forest and over the hummocky rock of the shield to the North Swallow River (60 km).

Kevin actually reversed the normal route, hiring a boat to carry them to North Swallow River, then hiked back. Check out Kevin’s web page on the trip.

map – Parks Canada

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