trekking Nahuel Huapi, Argentina

I went back to browse the travelogues of Jeffrey Poznanovic.

After seeing his pics of a 6-day trek through Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, I was tempted to start brushing up on Spanish and shop for airline tickets to South America.

more photos – Jeffrey Poznanovic

We’ve listed the Nahuel Huapi Traverse one of the best hikes in the world.

It’s perhaps the best hike in the superb Argentinian Lake district, a wilderness of granite spires & gorgeous lookouts. The location is perfect, only 20km by bus from the outdoor adventure town of Bariloche.

The Villa Catedral to Puente Lopez route is 36.5km (23mi) plus sidetrips, 5 days, 4 nights recommended. Wind and cold are the biggest challenges.

On a related matter, has added KLM data for some of their hikes.

What’s KLM? (That’s what I said.) It’s a pointer file which takes you a specific place on Google Earth. For example, they post a KLM for a hike of Nahuel Huapi.

This is pretty geeky stuff. To try it out you need a fast computer, high speed internet connection and to download a (free) copy of Google Earth software.

Oh, and lots of time. You might get hooked flying over the Earth checking out future adventures.

One Reply to “trekking Nahuel Huapi, Argentina”

  1. The Nahuel Huapi Traverse is stunningly beautiful; and, it is just one of the countless treks in the area. One great remote, long-distance option would be to complete most of the Traverse and head west towards Pampa Linda (near the volcano Monte Tronador) from the Laguna Negra area. From Pampa Linda you could continue west (with a ferry ride) into the Chilean-side of the Lake District.

    Regarding, I’ve found that their website helps me visualize treks…especially when used in conjunction with Google Earth’s three-dimensional mapping feature, which you can pan towards the horizontal plane to better view terrain.

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