confirmed – Tibetan refugees shot by Chinese army

I was hoping this terrible story would be disproved. Several of the outdoors blogs have been reporting on the rumour.

But a Romanian cameraman got video which seems conclusive. And hundreds of Western climbers and Sherpas witnessed at least one killing.

When I travelled in Tibet in 1997 I often dealt with Chinese military officials, often when I was trekking illegally. They treated myself and most other Western tourists with the greatest respect. Almost always young, the soldiers came to remote Tibet to try to better their lives.

Sadly, it seems Chinese policy is to shoot those fleeing over the mountains. (It’s very easy to cross undetected, by the way. I met Tibetans in India who commuted back and forth regularly in caravans.)

Xeni Jardin who just returned from Tibet has the best summary to date with the important links:

Boing Boing: Tibetan refugees shot by PRC forces, witnesses silenced: video

The secretive Chinese government must face the music this time. There is no chance this story will now be ignored by the traditional Western media once proven.

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