gear – Exped Sleeping Pads – REVIEW

After longer use we are not quite as thrilled as during the honeymoon.

exped.jpgThe air valves are tricky. To close properly you need twist the valves so far to the right that you worry about breaking them. Valve problems have been common I was told at a gear shop in Canada.

And if low weight is your main concern, stick with the lightest Therm-a-Rest. Our ExPed 7s are 27.9oz (790gms).

On the other hand, I LOVE this decadent, thick mattress. In fact I’ve added a $35 chair attachment for those times when weight and bulk are not an issue.


Our original post July 10th, 2006

New technology has made your old sleeping pad obsolete.

Last week we tested the Exped sleeping mat — it’s a winner! The best new gear innovation in years.

High insulation value with low bulk & weight, insulated with 700-fill goose down — this is the best sleeping system we’ve ever seen.

The only down side we can report is that it takes longer to inflate than a therm-a-rest.

One Reply to “gear – Exped Sleeping Pads – REVIEW”

  1. I bought one of these as an experiment. I have yet to put it to a real test, such as winter camping, but am pretty pleased with it so far. Comfort and warmth are excellent, but then, I am coming from an ultra-light thermorest which is only 3/4″ thick… It is nicer to pack up than a thermorest, but not magically so. My thermorest takes me about two minutes of careful rolling. The Exped is quicker and easier, and I don’t need to pay attention nearly as much. More relaxing. Set up is where it really loses out to the thermorests. My thermorest takes less than a minute, the Exped probably about 5 minutes. A more secure attachment for the inflator would be REALLY appreciated, but even then, inflation would still take 4 times as long. A few minutes shouldn’t be significant, but it is. For a single night, I am much less likely to use the Exped. For multiple nights, no question, I will spend the time inflating it and cursing the crude fitting. For rocky ground, using the Exped is also a no brainer.

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