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LP logoGlobe Trekker (also called Pilot Guides outside the United States and originally broadcast as Lonely Planet) is adventure tourism TV. This British series was inspired by Australian Lonely Planet travelbooks and has been in production for over 10-years. It is broadcast in over 40 countries across 6 continents.

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Commercial TV generally depresses me. If I had a gun I’d shoot the TV, or myself.

A great exception to the rule is this program which I love. A huge success, it is phenomenally accurate at showing what it is like to travel the backpacker circuit. No need to go yourself, actually.

Now when will we have decent hiking television?

want to hike South America?

Next week I will announce the South America page. A resource for any hiker wanting to get started organizing a trek. I focused on South America first as it is the best neglected continent by hikers. Information on hikes in the Andes is more critical than in the Alps, by comparison.

Best hikes & treks in South America.

My favourite photo on South American hikes was professionally published by Radek Tezaur. This is the Dientes Circuit in Patagonia, perhaps the world’s most southern major hike.


Goliath Expedition

KarlThe longest hike ever?

Karl Bushby is walking around the world. 12 years. 36,000 miles.

He started in Patagonia, Nov. 1st, 1998 with about $800 in his pocket. And started walking north.

HEY, he crossed from Alaska into Siberia over an ice “bridge” on the Chukchi Sea (north of the Bering Straits).

But his expedition is in trouble. The Russians are threatening to throw him out due to problems with his paperwork. (BBC newstory April 6, 2006)

I expect after putting in 7 years on this project, Karl will find a way to finish it. Good luck.

Goliath Expedition – Karl Bushby

Bolivia hiking

I was twice so far frustrated trying to hike Bolivia, the poorest and most problematic of South American countries.

map of Bolivia

But I vow one day to do the long Transcordillera trek through the Royal Mountains. And return to the great salt flats.

introducing Rick McCharles

Rick's mugRick McCharles is the editor of this site, a career gymnastics coach with a habit of taking off for months at a time to the best hiking destinations in the world. He’s hiked extensively in South America, New Zealand & North America.

When not travelling, Rick is based out of Calgary, Canada close to the Rocky Mountains.

He edits a number of other websites including his personal blog,

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