Ever think about quitting your job and taking off?

Jesse did just that. I have been following his excellent blog for months now as he attempts to visit all the National Parks in the USA, including Alaska!


It would be well worth subscribing to the RSS feed now. Jesse has signed on for a 120 day RV tour of South America next.

hiking Hong Kong

hiking over hong kong

Originally uploaded by JesseWarren.

Surprisingly, tiny Hong Kong offers some terrific hiking.

I’ve done day hikes on some of the islands. One of our contributors recently did a long day hike on the mainland.

Of course combining hiking with one of the most photogenic cities in the world is a great combination!

The clean, well organized hostels offer the best value accommodation in town. My home base in Hong Kong is the Mt. Davis hostel.

video & photos – climbing Crowsnest

UPDATE – added photos from the climb to Flickr

Scott Whiteside organized 6 hikers to scramble his favourite mountain in the Crowsnest Pass. We needed no climbing gear but be warned there are a few tricky spots on this mountain.

We took our time spending almost 8hrs on the adventure. All returned unscathed — except for 1 thumb squashed by a falling rock. Rock fall is the biggest danger when scrambling the rotten Rockies.

For evidence that we actually reached the summit, click PLAY on the video below or watch the clip on YouTube.

the best photos

Originally uploaded by Rick McCharles.

On the right hand navigation of the blog we’ve added a Flickr “badge” linking to 120 of our best photos. More will be added in future.

Rick McCharles is hosting this on his pro account.

Another Flickr badge to all photos tagged with the word “hiking” is included at the bottom of the navigation. These badges change each time you reload the page.

Huayhuash Circuit photo credit – Grant Assenheimer

hiking solitude

Something in the Wikipedia entry for hiking got me thinking about how to find solitude on crowded trails.

When two groups of hikers meet on a steep trail … the group moving uphill has the right-of-way. In other situations the larger of the two groups will yield to the smaller.

To avoid traffic as much as possible, I try to hike early or late in the day. Trying to stay well ahead or well behind the mass of hikers.

Of course hiking early or late in the season solves the congestion problem.

We were pretty much swamped with people on the most popular day hike in Grand Teton National Park on the 4th of July weekend. Bad choice of trail on a busy day.
photo –

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