#3 best hiking region in the world is the …


Spectacular vistas, frequent wildlife encounters, the best wild flowers we’ve ever seen. Hot springs, quaint mountain towns, perhaps the best long distance hikes on the planet.

There are options to scramble ridges and peaks virtually everywhere.

“You can’t lose in the Rockies.”

… so says frequent contributor Rob Glaser who has hiked here all his life.

rockies.jpgTrails are safe and well managed. The infrastructure excellent. (In fact, it’s hard to imagine there are two regions in the world we rate better.)

The weather and conditions are variable to say the least, but in many parts of the Rockies Aug-Sept are the best months. A very short window! On the other hand, if you ski or board, you’ll never lack for adventure in the Rocky Mountains.

More information on our new Rockies information page.

Our favourite trip in the Canadian Rockies is Sunshine to Assiniboine, our #5 hike in the world.

Anemones and Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada

Our Assiniboine Information page.

Just a short drive away is our favourite trail in the USA Rockies, Glacier North Circle, our #6 hike in the world. One of the best places in the world to see wildlife.

Our North Circle Information page.

Leave a comment if you have your own favourite hike in the Rockies.

Carly Hiked the Vancouver Island Trail


Approximately 800km / 500miles

She saw no other hikers outside the 2 provincial parks.

There are multiple route options, but here’s the gist.

Carly Wiechnik:

The two higher elevation mountainous sections, the Beauforts and Strathcona, can be snow covered until the end of June, and snow can begin to fall again around the month of October.

A thru-hike might take a month (fast) to six weeks (slower), which can easily fit into the window of July-September.

The best month to hike would probably be August, as by then the snow is mostly gone in the higher elevations, precipitation is low and it is warm and dry. (However, campfire bans are common around this time to prevent wildfires). Coastal trails are also less muddy. …

Resupply: A cool thing about the VIT is that it goes straight through towns at reasonable intervals, so it’s easy to hit up a grocery store every 3-6 days …

Vancouver Island Trail: Recap (and Tips!)

BestHike #8 – Everest Base Camp / 3 Passes

The Everest Base Camp via 3 Passes is one of our top 10 hikes in the world.

Click PLAY or watch a 1 minute introduction on YouTube.

Base Camp / 3 Passes

Everyone wants to hike to Everest Base Camp (5,320m / 17,450ft). The 3 Passes route is the most epic.

Based on weather and fitness, you can do one or more passes as well as peaks like Kala Pattar (5,545m) that don’t require a permit.

base camp sign


  • majority of hikers in the Everest region hire a guide, porter(s) and/or pack animal(s) but it’s fairly easy to do independently. As of April 1, 2023 guides are probably required on Everest.
  • guided trekkers stay in lodges, or sprawling tent encampments
  • October to November best months
  • beginning of March to mid-May next best
  • 16-18 days minimum for 3 Passes. 21 days would allow for rest / illness / sidetrip / and other unanticipated delays.
  • if you don’t have time, it’s recommended 14 days just to get to Base Camp and back safely.
  • generally easy hiking on good trails with a light pack. Some very challenging, potentially dangerous sections, if you cross any of the 3 Passes
  • on the main trails buy food as you go and stay in simple “lodges”
  • Everest trails are not expensive, but many spend more than they anticipate on luxuries
  • be clear — you might have to QUIT if by bad luck or rushed ascent you suffer altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS).
  • many suffer respiratory problems. And fatigue.

Read more on our Everest Base Camp / 3 Passes information page.

BEST Bermuda Rail Trail VIDEO

By BestHike editor Rick McCharles

Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time on the famed Bermuda Rail Trail. Hiking, running, cycling.

Sound wonderful? A long day hike on tropical islands. 🌴

However … there are a number of sections where you must walk busy roadways to regain the trail. And the Flatts bridge was not yet opened February 2023.

Without question, Rick’s new video is the most comprehensive online. In fact, if you watch all 10 minutes, you may feel there’s no need to actually do the adventure yourself. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (11min)

If that’s too long, I have a 1-minute teaser VIDEO alternative.

Our recommended itinerary starts with a ferry to Dockyard and continues past the official trail end in St. George’s — making it much longer. AND we recommended side trips to forts, light houses, and beaches along the way. BEST is to do the Rail Trail over 2 or more days.

The Bermuda Railway was a 21.7-mile (34.9 km) common carrier line that operated in Bermuda for a brief period (October 31, 1931 – May 1, 1948). …

More than 10 percent of the line was elevated on 33 separate structures of timber or steel construction spanning the ocean …

 It was said to be one of the most expensive rail lines built …

In 1984, 18 miles (29 km) of the defunct rail line’s right-of-way were dedicated as the Bermuda Railway Trail for hiking …

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