Falls Trail, Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania

Brian Burgit recommends a wet and wild day hike. Looks great.

Falls Trail: difficult hiking

The full loop of this trail is 7.2 miles if hiking both the upper and lower sections. To see most of the waterfalls, a 3.2-mile loop can be taken by going on Highland Trail and the Glen Leigh and Ganoga Glen sides of the trail.

The trails follow along 21 beautiful waterfalls ranging in heights from 11-feet to 94-feet. The scenery is well worth the effort, however, the terrain is rocky, can be slippery, and descends steeply on both the Ganoga and Glen Leigh sides.

The Falls Trail is closed in the winter except for properly equipped ice climbers and hikers.

details – Pennsylvania State Parks – Ricketts Glen Trails – PA DCNR


waterfalls of New Zealand

When I lived in New Zealand I strongly felt the least appreciated wonder of the country were waterfalls.

Rarely are they highlighted in any list of “tourist attractions”.

That wrong has finally been righted.

A Guide to New Zealand Waterfalls

A Guide to New Zealand Waterfalls

JOHNNY T. Cheng is a waterfall enthusiast who has published books on falls in Norway and Yosemite National Park in California.

His A Guide to New Zealand Waterfalls is a foray into New Zealand that covers more than 100 falls. This is a practical guide, with maps and clear driving directions plus the small details needed for choosing your visit and negotiating the falls once you get there.

Judith Elen in The Australian

best of the Canadian Rockies – Emperor Falls

Of many, many highlights hiking Mt. Robson / Berg Lake in the Rockies, getting a shower under majestic Emperor Falls was most special. I’d actually never heard of these Falls before I hiked Mt. Robson. The are the most impressive in Western Canada, I reckon.


It’s positively dangerous. Get as wet as you want.

A good contest for your group is to see who can get closest to the force of the Falls.

I posted a number of Emperor Falls photos on flickr from our 2003 hike.

CanyonWiki – canyoneering information

Wow. A wiki dedicated to the wonderful but still somewhat obscure sport of canyoneering … or canyoning. (The use of these words and what they mean is still being debated.)

The best trips involves abseiling down through waterfalls.

But canyoning can also involve hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, swimming and “li-loing” (using an inflatable air mattress).

Check out CanyonWiki.com