I am a big fan of wikipedia. There is no better example of what can happen if you simply get out of the way. Let people do what they want.

The much publicized problems with the site? I’ve never had a glitch. The few minor mistakes that irked me, I corrected.

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Now I stumbled on to
wikitravel logo

Interesting. But why not simply include all this travel content in wikipedia?

Goliath Expedition

KarlThe longest hike ever?

Karl Bushby is walking around the world. 12 years. 36,000 miles.

He started in Patagonia, Nov. 1st, 1998 with about $800 in his pocket. And started walking north.

HEY, he crossed from Alaska into Siberia over an ice “bridge” on the Chukchi Sea (north of the Bering Straits).

But his expedition is in trouble. The Russians are threatening to throw him out due to problems with his paperwork. (BBC newstory April 6, 2006)

I expect after putting in 7 years on this project, Karl will find a way to finish it. Good luck.

Goliath Expedition – Karl Bushby