Markha Valley trek, Ladahk, India

by site editor Rick McCharles

Locked and loaded. I land in Leh September 11th, 2015. I’ll be doing Markha and other local treks.


  • the most popular hike in Ladahk, northern India, bordering Tibet
  • easy access out of Leh
  • 6-8 days
  • 111km (69mi)
  • early June to mid-October
  • moderate-demanding
  • big risk of altitude sickness
  • 2-3 high passes (4900m-5200m)
  • several nights at very high altitude
  • sleep in tent or in “homestays
  • frequent flights from Delhi. Infrequent flights from Srinagar and Jammu.
  • hike independently or with a Guide
  • check the confusing tourist visa requirements for India. Some nations can get a visa-on-arrival at airports.
by lupus alberto
by lupus alberto

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That’s the toughest itinerary, starting out of Stok village rather than the more popular trailheads of Spitok or Zinchen.

16 dead (so far) on Mt Kinabalu

… Malaysia’s Mt. Kinabalu, a 4095 meter (13,435 ft) trekking peak on the island of Borneo, was struck with a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that claimed the lives of at least 16 people, and left dozens of others injured and stranded on the mountain for a time.

There are believed to be at least two others still missing, and the death toll could rise even further as search and rescue teams continue their efforts. …

Of the 16 climbers who perished on the mountain, reports indicate that seven of them were from Singapore, Six were Malay, with the additional causalities coming from the Philippines, China, and Japan. …

Earthquake on Mt. Kinabalu Kills 16 Climbers, Injures Dozens More


top 10 trekking peaks

We’ve updated our top 10 section. With input from Kraig Becker, of the Adventure Blog. He’s recently back from his second climb of Kili. 🙂

Top-10#1) Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 5895m
#2) Cotopaxi, Ecuador 5897m <wiki><pb><sp>
#3) Island Peak, Nepal 6189m <wiki><pb><sp>
#4) Mera Peak, Nepal 6476m <wiki><pb><sp>
#5) Stok Kangri, India 6153m <wiki><pb><sp>
#6) Huayna Potosí, Bolivia 6088m <wiki><pb><sp>
#7) Misti Volcano, Peru 5822m
#8) Mt. Toubkal, Morocco 4167m <wiki><pb><sp>
#9) Mt. Rainier, USA 4392m <wiki><pb><sp>
#10) Mont Blanc, France 4810m <wiki><pb><sp>

Aconcágua, Argentina 6,960.8m can be a walk-up. But not many would be willing to call it a trekking peak. 🙂

Trekking peaks are mountains under 7,000 metres (22,970 ft) climbable by anyone with a moderate amount of mountaineering experience and minimal gear.

Others considered for the top 10:

  • Chimborazo, Ecuador 6,268m <wiki><pb><sp>
  • Khüiten Peak, Tavan Bogd, Mongolia 4374m <wiki><sp>
  • Mt. Elbrus, Russia 5642m <wiki><pb><sp>
  • Lhakpa Ri, Tibet 7045m <pb>

Leave a comment if your favourite walk up peak is not listed.

Toubkal Circuit, Morocco

The Hiking Life:

Distance : 60km (72km if you include an ascent of Jebel Toubkal).

Avg.Time : 4–6 days

Start / Finish: Imlil

Regular public transport available to and from Marrakech.
Season :

Late spring and early autumn are the ideal times to do this trek. Summer, despite the heat and lack of water, is peak season and is often inundated with foreign trekking groups. …

Toubkal Circuit, Morocco, 2008




There are a number of guidebooks available. Route finding is not all that difficult. You can do it alone unless you opt to climb the highest mountain in north Africa on the same trip.


Ascent for Alzheimer’s


Since 1998, the Ascent for Alzheimer’s has seen over 180 committed Canadians go on a journey to hike to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. These dedicated participants fundraise to contribute to research for a cure and to help ensure that those impacted by dementia have access to support services and education resources. …

Introducing the 2015 Ascent for Alzheimer’s Team

Ascent for Alzheimers

(via Dsd Stones)