adventure race – Expedition Idaho 2011

I’m one of the volunteers helping to organize this brand new event hosted at Silver Mountain Ski Resort.

600+K, 7 days, an experience of a lifetime.

August 14 – 20, 2011
Coeur d’ Alene

Organizer Dave Adlard has launched a blog. And updated the official website.

Facebook event.

… As of February 13, we have 25 teams committed or who have expressed serious, positive interest …

We’re now wanting to get the word out. Share if you can. 🙂

related – T.C. WORLEY – Patagonian Race Final Report:

… Expedition racing breaks or makes a person. Seeds of doubt on the course can sprout quickly in the fertile soils of pain and fatigue. Allow them to set roots and your race is over. Push back at the agonizing pain, those demoralizing chills and defeating weather, and you are rewarded with a warrior mindset. You can do anything! …

GearJunkie finishing Patagonia

GoLite Tarahumara Sandal Shoe

Tarahumara Sandal Shoe — GoLite Footwear’s Tara Lite running shoe is said to have been inspired by the Tarahumara tribes of Mexico, a native group known for their distance running skills who wear minimal thong-style sandals.

What makes the GoLite shoe unique is its flat, “zero-drop” heel, flexible sole, and a soft upper. The kicker: Inside the shoe, separating your big toe from the rest, there’s an internal sandal post that keeps your foot from moving too much and helps the flexible shoe fit snug.

The Tara Lite will come in men’s and women’s models for $115.

Gear Junkie

Out There AS-1 Backpack

The Gear Junkie:

Mike Kloser, a Vail, Colo., athlete and a former world-champion mountain biker, is something of a god in the sport of adventure racing. As the captain of Team Nike, Kloser dominated AR for years, including multiple world-champ titles and victories at banner events like the Eco Challenge and Primal Quest under his belt.

Last year, Kloser launched a gear company, Out There USA, and he designed a backpack. After years of racing — as well as living a consummate outdoors existence working and training in Colorado — Kloser put his knowledge toward making his company’s AS-1 Pack something of an ultimate multi-sport tool. …

Out There USA’s AS-1 Pack

details – Ultimate AR Backpack

Expedition Idaho Race 2011

Website is now live.

From Dave Adlard of Adventure Sports Week, a NEW expedition race: coed teams of four racing 600km (372 miles) out of the gorgeous and rugged northern Idaho panhandle.

… The new website has more information about the format of the race, how volunteers can get involved, a preliminary schedule of events, and much more. The registration form is also in place, as well as a description of what your entry includes.

There is also an early bird registration process that lasts until 12 teams sign-up or January 1st, which ever comes first. During that period there is a discounted rate for competing. 

via The Adventure Blog

Expedition Idaho 2011 AR

My buddy Dave Adlard, of Adventure Sports Week, is hosting his first ever expedition length race, 600km (372 miles).

Expedition Idaho 2011 (website coming soon!) will … take place from August 14 – 20. The new dates avoid conflicts with both the Raid The North Extreme race, which takes place July 23 – 31 in the West Kootenays of British Columbia and the Gold Rush Adventure Race that ill go down on the West Coast from September 8-11.

The Adventure Blog

Website coming soon.

Retired AR legend Mike Kloser has joined the organizing team.

Desert Winds Expedition Adventure Race

Sept. 19-24th, 2010

… after a full year of training for this event, Dave Adlard will be captaining “Team Adventure Sports Week” in the Elite category of the “Desert Winds Expedition Adventure Race” beginning September 19.

Dave and his three female teammates; Dr. Jeni McNeal from Eastern Washington University, Soledad Cristiano from Argentina, and Cynthia Miranda of Carlsbad California, will be traversing nearly 300 non-stop miles across the brutal Mojave desert on foot, mountain bike, canoe, rappeling/climbing, pack rafts and orienteering, carrying their own gear, food and water in what could be the most challenging and demanding event on earth this year… 50% of the teams are expected to not finish the race, which is expected to take the teams between 90 and 120 hours to complete.

Team Adventure Sports Week

Good luck!

Gary Robbins – records WCT, ECT

The East Coast Trail stretches for 340 miles along the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, while the West Coast Trail runs for 47 miles along Vancouver’s southwestern shoreline. …

Recently, endurance athlete Gary Robbins set the daunting goal for himself to attain speed records on both of these trails, starting in Vancouver and the WCT on August 4th.

Running North to South, Gary completed the entire 47 miles in just 10 hours and 8 minutes, which does indeed establish a new record for that route. Of course, that was just a warm-up for the much longer, and more challenging ECT, which he began on August 20th and completed on the 22nd, finishing the entire route in a blistering 35 hours and 17 minutes. …

The Adventure Blog – Endurance Athlete Sets Speed Records on Canada’s East and West Coast Trails