planning for the Pacific Crest Trail

Most PCT thru-hikers will start from Campo on the Mexican border after the annual kickoff party in late April or early May and hike northbound to Manning Provincial Park along the U.S-Canadian border in 5 to 6 months, averaging about 20 miles a day. Some PCT thru-hikers will finish in 4.5 months–starting in mid-May and finishing in late-September, averaging about 22 miles a day with a zero (rest) day every 7-10 days. Planning to do it this quickly, however, doesn’t factor in time for contingencies like illness and other medical issues.

plan your trip on the pacific crest trail
– Backpacker


introducing Andrew Skurka

Andrew Skurka was named 2005 Person of the Year by Backpacker magazine. He hiked 7700mi across North America, 339 days, the first to complete the new Sea-to-Sea Trail (C2C).

(This is not the American Discovery Trail (ADT) from Delaware to California. The C2C is tougher and almost 1000mi longer than the ADT.)

Interview – Andrew Skurka

finishing in the Pacific Ocean

Andrew’s home page is

introducing Chris Townsend

townsend.jpgChris is one of the world’s leading long distance wilderness walkers.

In 1988 he was the first to walk the continental divide of the Canadian Rockies, a 1600mi challenge. The book is titled High Summer.

He published too his 2002 desert trek: Crossing Arizona

In 1996 he climbed all 517 summits over 3000ft in the Scottish highlands.

He has walked the 2600mi Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, the 3000mi Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada and 1000mi south to north through the Yukon.

In Europe he has walked 1300mi end-to-end through Scandinavia and 1250mi from Lands End to John O’Groats in Britain.

The Backpacker\'s HandbookIf you buy only one how to hiking book, it’s his Backpacker’s Handbook.

Aside from his books, he’s authored hundreds of articles, and contributes regularly to TGO (The Great Outdoors) magazine. He’s their gear guru.

Chris Townsend’s official website.

The Great South Coast Walk, Australia

You may have heard of this adventure. It’s a long walk down the beautiful coast of New South Wales. A thru-hike for normal people.

David and Pennie Briese dreamed it. And then achieved it. Congratulations!

… time to walk, time to reflect and time to rejuvenate.

… splendid isolated beaches, around magnificent rock platforms, over windswept cliffs and headlands, though superb untouched forest, and past wetlands and lakes filled with birds.

Sounds lovely. But New South Wales is quite developed. They enjoyed a cold beer at the end of most stages!


Travelogue and photos.

Chang Tang, Tibetan Plateau

Have you heard of the Chang Tang?

A part of the world half the size of the continental USA?

Me neither.

George Schaller made 11 trips between 1985 and 2001. I read a couple of his books so perhaps I did hear of the region.


The photographer is Galen Rowell, who’s work was admired by Ansel Adams. This was Rowell’s last adventure. He and his wife were killed in a plane crash in California.

National Geographic sponsored expedition to Chang Tang

Bruce Kirby pitched the idea to National Geographic and worked a year on the Chang Tang project. But NG went ahead without him.

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