hiker and builder – Ron Strickland

Ron Strickland has a site dedicated to long distance trails and the National Trails System in the USA.

He’s authored a number of books including:

  • I’ve been writing about hiking since around 1999. Ron’s done more. And for somewhat longer than that.


    Ron Strickland began to create the 1200-mile Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) in 1970. Seven years later he founded the non-profit Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA) to locate, develop, maintain, and protect the Trail. He described its Continental Divide-to-Pacific Ocean route in The Pacific Northwest Trail Guide.

    His current project is the creation of the transcontinental Sea-To-Sea Route.

    He is excited about C2C’s (1) vast scale, (2) proximity to record numbers of potential hikers, and (3) potential to transform America’s National Trails System. He says, “Hikers know that initially a proposed long walk can seem overwhelmingly difficult. But the wiser heads among them realize that even the longest journey is accomplished one step at a time. So, too, the Sea-To-Sea Route at first glance may seem like an impossible dream. But in 2007, having already convinced many skeptics, I know that I am on the right path and that this project is the perfect way for many hikers `to give back to the trail'” …

    Keep up the good fight, Ron!

    And congratulations on your March 2007 wedding to Christine Hartmann. There’s hope for us old bachelor hikers yet.


    … married him even though she’d been winter hiking with him on the Appalachian Trail and knew what she was getting into.

    It’s a great story. To learn more, start with Ron’s Biography.

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