Moab, Utah photos

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Arch in Canyonlands, originally uploaded by Rob Lee.

To get away from the crappy Canadian Spring weather, I’m considering a trip down to Moab.

Last year when I hiked out of Page, Arizona seemed every hiker I met recommended Moab.

Leave a comment if you have any advice for a stranger to town.

original – flickr

439 day kayak & bike U.S. circumnavigation

Swede Renata Chlumska is one tough gal. Already having climbed Everest, this time she set out to see the edge of America. All of it.

Renata was fiance of the late, great Goran Kroop of Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey fame.

After 439 days circumnavigating the continental United States — thought to be the first time this was accomplished — kayaking through ocean swells, biking through desert conditions, witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Chlumska was overjoyed to have reached her journey’s end.

It took her 439 days to kayak and bike around U.S.

More on Renata’s trip blog.

cycling tibet

A really fantastic adventure is to buy a Chinese bike in Lhasa and ride the Friendship Highway to Katmandu, via Everest.

Many adventurers are doing this — but it is technically illegal. (As is most of the hiking in Tibet.)

Interested? Check Kym McConnell’s authoritative website and guidebook.

Tibet Overland – Cycling in Tibet

A Route and Planning Guide for Mountain Bikers andOther Overlanders

introducing Ray Jardine

jardine.jpgThere is no hiker more famous than Ray Jardine. He is often credited with igniting the light weight hiking revolution.

Jardine championed hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail using only lightweight gear.

He replaced tent with a tarp & sleeping bag with a quilt. He advises that we make & modify our own gear.

Ray Jardines Guide to Lightweight HikingHis controversial book Beyond Backpacking (1999) is now the Bible for many thru-hikers.

In his spare time, Jardine rowed across the Atlantic, kayaked to the Arctic Ocean, cycled across America twice, and canoed the sub-Arctic wilderness.

Oh, and he invented the “Friend” used by all elite rock climbers.

Check Ray Jardine’s eclectic website.

cycling – world’s longest line?

Did you happen to see Darren Berrecloth’s uninterrupted ride down a steep arid mountain ridge in Utah?

Very cool!

It first aired on Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies Feb. 1st, 2006. But I notice they are replaying that episode frequently where I live.


Berrecloth is widely considered to be the top mountain bike freerider on extremely steep and technical terrain.

Bike Magazine’s 2004 “Rider of the Year,” Canadian Darren “Bearclaw” Berrecloth has spent the last few years radicalizing the already extreme sport of freeride mountain biking. His signature spins, hand grabs and no-hands seat grabs have redefined the sport and earned him tons of accolades in the biking world.