Goal Zero Venture 30 – Rugged Recharger

Goal Zero is going to email me when this device is available – Autumn 2014.

… it requires no rubber plugs on the ports and makes them so water resistant that you can spray the unit off if it gets muddy on a mission.

Enough electricity is stored inside to recharge a GoPro five times (or an iPhone up to three times). Any device that links to USB ports or micro-USB is compatible, and you can connect two gadgets at once. …

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Goal Zero

I want to write my trail updates in the tent each night. Process photos and videos.

It pairs with the GoalZero Nomad 7 Solar Panel. But this review says the solar panel cannot power an iPad by itself.

I’ll wait to hear how it works in the real world.

Paine Circuit – best trek in the world?

wikiexplora ranks Paine the #1 trek in the world 🙂


  • close to the southern tip of South America
  • 100km (62mi) Paine Circuit is unique & gorgeous
  • recommended 9 days, 8 nights
  • shorter, easier 5-day alternative called “the W”

PaineWe’ve moved and updated our Paine Circuit information page.

It’s available one click from the besthike home page, under the South America pulldown menu.


Two choices.

1. You can simply assume there is no privacy. No privacy online. None on phone.

Or …

2. you can try taking some small steps to discourage the NSA and other organizations from collecting data on you.

I’m switching from Google search to DuckDuckGo, for example. That might help. Apple is now offering DuckDuckGo as an alternative web search engine.

On the other hand, Google is responding to criticism, now offering end-to-end mail encryption, to try to make your email private.

reset the net

Watch the RESET the NET VIDEO .


Mt Kilimanjaro Rongai route

Ahmed Almaziad from Saudi Arabia started hiking 2011. And is now addicted.

Ahmed Almaziad

I found his Mt Kilimanjaro Rongai trip report useful.

(I’ve still not climbed the highest mountain in Africa.)

Check his Corsica GR 20 2013 (north) trip report, as well.

Like me, Ahmed found the start of the GR 20 very difficult. In face he backtracked to town to lighten his pack. And start fresh the next morning.

His blog is SaudiHiker.com.

do you use Google Reader?

If you (like me) had been using Google Reader, it’s being retired by Google on July 1, 2013.

I recommend you switch to Feedly, a similar free service which most former Google Reader users have adopted.

From Feedly, click the blue button to import your RSS feeds from Google Reader.

There are more RSS reader alternatives listed here.

The new Digg Reader is also free. And garnering some praise.

Easier still would be to subscribe to our posts via once-a-day email. Check the right hand navigation to that.

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