Expedition Alaska Adventure Race

I’m planning to volunteer for Dave Adlard’s NEXT expedition race. Social media. Photos. Video.

June 28th – July 4th, 2015.

Over almost 7 days, teams will undertake a 340 – 600 km (200 – 350 miles) expedition over some of the most beautiful, epic and challenging terrain on Earth.

Racers will use a map, compass and their own wits to navigate their way over a (mostly) unmarked route by mountain biking, rafting, paddling, trekking, canyoneering, coasteering, glacier travel, orienteering, trail running, fixed ropes, and a few other surprises through the amazing expanse of Alaska’s Kenai peninsula!


Expedition Alaska

Langtang Trek information


Having just completed 14 days on the popular Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu Nepal route, We’ve added a Langtang trek information page for those who might want to do Langtang in the future.

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One of the best hikes in the world


4000m+ valley north of Kathmandu, parallel to the Tibet border.

Plenty of challenging side trips up high.


  • Nepal

    minimum 100km (60mi) return

  • plus sidetrips
  • 8-11 days
  • Langtang National Park established 1970 in the Langtang Region, first National Park in Nepal
  • majority of hikers in the Langtang region hire a guide, porter guide and/or porters but it’s  easy to hike independently
  • sleep and eat in basic lodges (tea houses)
  • mid-October to mid-December best months
  • beginning of March to mid-May next best. (Laurabina pass on the nearby Gosainkund trek MIGHT stay closed until early May. Many Langtang trekkers do Gosainkund after Langtang.)
  • the reputation is “generally easy hiking” on good trails with a light pack. Some  challenging, potentially dangerous sidetrips possible.
  • it is easier than the other main trekking areas of Nepal in that maximum altitude is lower
  • Langtang trails are not expensive, but many spend more than they anticipate on luxuries. We spent about $30/day in 2014. Cheapskates about $20/day.
  • be clear — you might have to QUIT if by bad luck or rushed ascent you suffer altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS).
  • some suffer respiratory problems. Headaches. Or fatigue.

Why We Like This Hike

  • mighty peaks of Langtang (7234m) and Ganesh (7446m) as well as a sprawl of endless 6000m+ summits
  • sacred lakes of Gosainkund in the nearby Helambu region
  • wonderful photographic opportunities
  • colourful Hindu, Buddhist and mountain cultures


Langtang trek information page

It’s always available from the pulldown menu under ASIA.

Expedition Idaho Adventure Race

7-days of continuous physical and mental challenge, almost no sleep, bad food, questionable water. Who invented this sport? 🙂

To stagger the start of Expedition Idaho, Race Director Dave Adlard, set a unique prologue.

Teams had to climb the toughest waterslide, starting over if anyone slipped.

If successful, they then took a victory laprunning the Lazy River. Backwards. 🙂

This is even tougher than it looks.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Good luck.

Gear Junkies in Patagonia

What is it like to be truly remote and pushed to your physical and emotional limits in the wilderness?

This video, culled from clips taken by our race team on the go in remote Chile during the 2012 Patagonian Expedition Race, gives a solid glimpse into that question. …

read more – Gear Junkie

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… the team managed a third-place finish

… . . Coming into CP17, we were four hours behind the Japanese team, and we decided to gamble on a straight-line bushwhack through a valley in the night with only two hours of tent-less sleep. In the predawn light, just before the glacier pass at CP18, we came upon the Japanese. They were clearly surprised [they had been ahead for a while] and yet they greeted us warmly, forming a line with each one of them shaking each one of our hands, smiling, and saying “Good to see you.” It was surreal. They then shared a look and bolted. [Note: Team Eastwind, from Japan, ended up beating Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers by about 30 minutes in the 10-day race.] …

High Insanity: Patagonian Exped Race

(via The Adventure Blog)

Gramicci loves the Outdoors

Gramicci was title sponsor of our Adventure Race in 2011 — Expedition Idaho.

This is a shout out for their prewashed, comfortable clothing line. A relaxed look and fit. Almost retro, it will never go out of style.

Click through to see their TREKKING clothing.

Mike Graham founded Gramicci in Southern California. Their gear has that vibe.

Support Gramicci.

ExPed Idaho and World Champion 2011 Jacky Boisset of Team Thule
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