Chilkoot Trail, Alaska

Every man has a dream.

For one of our contributors, Kelly Mock from Whitehorse, it was to carry a “Bubba” (mini keg of beer) over the Golden Staircase to Happy Camp.

Arriving on the solstice, he bought a round for the house.

I hiked the Chilkoot with Kelly in the late 1990s and, at that time, I thought it was impossible to carry more booze (photo).

I stand corrected.

The Chilkoot is without doubt one of the very best hikes in the world. The trip to Skagway is half the fun.

Details on Chilkoot

the Golden Staircase – photo Kelly Mock

Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.

Times of London in December 1901 (legend has it) posted by Ernest Shackleton for a journey to Antarctica.

Now that was adventure. Once, having his ship frozen in the ice, he was forced to sledge across the Weddell Sea pack, then boat to Elephant Island. Then sail to South Georgia Island. The greatest survival story of all time?

The Endurance - Shackleton\'s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia

In preparation for a Feb. 2007 trip to Tasmania, I’ve been consulting with John Chapman, by far the most authoritative author of Australian guidebooks.

I’ve decide to hike first the Overland Track, widely listed the best established walk in Australia. 65km (40mi) plus sidetrips, 5-6 days.

Overland Track on

I’ll be using John’s dedicated Overland Track guidebook.

Time allowing, I want to do more in Tas. John suggests:

  • Walls of Jerusalem (2-4 days)
  • Pine Valley (2-3 days)
  • Walls of Jerusalem to Overland Track (6-8 days)
  • Cheyne Range (4 days)
  • Eldon Range (9-12 days)
  • Traveller Range (7-9 days)
  • John even spoke of a trackless bushwalk on the wild West Coast of Tasmania from Strahan to Port Davey. On his completely undeveloped route you must swim a 1km river.


    More Overland Track photos by Paul Lenehan on Flickr

    wildlife protection –

    Trailex encourages users to share information about trail safety in the Bow Valley (from Banff to Bragg Creek in Canada). The goal is to keep humans and wildlife safe.

    Examples of information you should post:

    * Bear, cougar, wolf, aggressive elk or moose sightings
    * Dead animal carcasses that may indicate a large carnivore is in the area
    * Grizzly bear diggings or other signs of large carnivores
    * Recent trail closures, bear or cougar traps, or bear aversive conditioning


    Good idea.

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