Vancouver Island Waterfalls

Quincy, originally from Australia, has been living out of his vehicle, touring Vancouver Island with the goal of seeing all the major waterfalls.

Vancouver Island is home to some of the wettest conditions in Canada, with some regions experiencing more annual rainfall than anywhere else in North America.

It’s no surprise that the result is an island that is covered in a dense forest of giant trees, ferns, and mosses, as well as raging rivers and gorgeous waterfalls that cascade down lush slopes from high mountain peaks.

Waterfall chasing is a popular pasttime here, and one of the best things to do on Vancouver Island.

There are so many fantastic waterfalls, of varying accessibility levels, that it can be hard to know where to start. From easily accessible roadside waterfalls right near cities to ones requiring longer treks, there are tons to choose from. I’ve compiled a list of all the Vancouver Island waterfalls I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and will continue to update this blog post as I visit more. …


I’ve hiked a lot on Vancouver Island and have only seen a small percentage of these on Quincy’s list.

For example, I hadn’t realized there was a Niagara Falls on Vancouver Island. Easily confused with the much more famous falls on the border of Ontario and New York State.

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