My NEXT Backpacking Stove – the Stash

JetBoil has finally perfected the hiking stove. It’s called the STASH.

When my MiniMo (orange) finally retires, I’ll switch to the smaller, lighter Stash.

UPDATE. I just bought the Stash for my upcoming trip to Portugal.

I’ll fly with it in the box — unused — so the airline can’t claim it’s a flight hazard.

Read Adventure Alan’s detailed review.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

One Reply to “My NEXT Backpacking Stove – the Stash”

  1. I hiked with some with the stash this past year. Seemed to address the negatives with most jet boils as the wider pot allows more flexibility with cooking meals rather than just boiling water. I didn’t get it for the price, but at least he convinced me to give the whole jetboil system a try… $35 rei garage sale price for a jetboil zip might also played a part.

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