Father of the FKT – Buzz Burrell

The poster boy for Fastest Known Times is Kílian Jornet Burgada.

As I post, Kilian holds the fastest known time for the ascent and descent of MatterhornMont BlancDenali and perhaps Everest.

But it’s  Buzz Burrell who really popularized the concept, co-founding fastestknowntime.com with Peter Bakwin and Jeff Schuler.

Buzz Burrell

Those three run the site on a voluntary basis.  And it’s a ton of work.

Buzz himself had been racing routes for decades. He set the FKT on the Colorado Trail in 1999.  The FKT on John Muir in 2000. 

This interview with Buzz will fill you with respect.  Buzz co-hosts his own audio show called the FKT Podcast

40. Backcountry Coffee with the Pros Out and Back

Coffee is life for many of us. It’s our morning ritual, a jolt that shakes us out of the afternoon doldrums, and a pick-me-up when we need to burn the midnight oil. But in the backcountry, brewing the perfect cup can be complicated. A pour-over leaves you with messy grounds to haul out and instant coffee often falls short on taste. We turned to some of our favorite professional hikers — Heather “Anish” Anderson, the Hiking Viking, Adventure Alan Dixon, and Liz “Snorkel” Thomas — to unmask the secrets to brewing the best cup of coffee in camp. We spent time with each of these world-famous hikers, learning how they use coffee in their adventures and what they do to make their morning cup of joe in the wild. Turns out their methods for making coffee on trail are as wild and varied as their personalities. They join us on the Out and Back podcast this week to share their field-tested brewing techniques, so you can get the most out of your coffee on your next adventure. Tune in to Episode 40 of the Out and Back podcast to get the details on Liz Thomas’s scientific, blind study on the best instant coffee brands. Find out what type of coffee Heather Anderson uses on longer trips. Learn about Viking’s coffee alternative and get a ridiculous story about how he hated his junior high school science teacher’s coffee breath, but somehow wound up drinking coffee anyway. Get the specs on Adventure Alan’s 1.8-ounce coffee methods that jive with even the most stringent ultralight backpacking principles.  Follow these hikers on Instagram: @lizthomashiking, @1adventurealan, @anishhikes, @therealhikingvikingMake sure to check out the Out and Back podcast page on Instagram!And remember, podcast listeners get a Discount on a Gaia GPS Membership!
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  3. 38. She Dreams of Alpine, Allison Boyle
  4. 37. Life With Fire (Amanda Monthei)
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