Ausangate Circuit, Peru – Aug 2018

Our friends at Travel2Walk posted an excellent independent trip report and video from one of our top 10 hikes in the world.

It’s gotten a LOT more popular since we were there in 2005.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


  • circle the sacred Ausangate massif (6372m, 20,905ft), the highest peak in southern Peru
  • 4 high passes between 4757m – 5165m!
  • 70km (43.5mi) plus sidetrips
  • almost everyone does Ausangate with a guide, but it’s quite doable independently if you are acclimated 
  • many options to extend this trek
  • best months are the May-September dry season
  • Tinqui is 5-8 hours now only about 3.5hrs by bus on a new road, about 100km S.E. of Cusco
  • sidetrip to the “rainbow mountains” of Vinicunca


To learn more, click over to our Ausangate information page.

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One Reply to “Ausangate Circuit, Peru – Aug 2018”

  1. Thanks again Rick for the shoutout!

    The popularity of the hike was more notable from the wear on the trail than the number of hikers we encountered on the trail. The trails were a mudslick at times from the many pack animals that traverse it. Hopefully enough money is going into the region so they can do some more trail work. There were also plenty of trash at certain spots, so LNT is greatly encouraged for those looking to hike the circuit.

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