Khopra Ridge trek, Nepal – day 2

Naya Pul to Ghandruk trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles. 

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Nov 1, 2019 – Hile to Ghorepani 

I was up about 6:15am with a small pot of milk coffee ($4.50).

Most people get up with the sun and go to sleep early because of the short days in November.

I’d slept in Hille (1510m), an excellent spot.
It’s better than Tikhedhunga (1540m), about 15 minutes further, in my opinion.

Today’s hike is at least 1300m of elevation gain.

It was at Ulleri that I started to see signs offering “Ponny Service”. It you get tired, you can hire a horse to carry your gear for a few hours.

Tikhedhunga to Ulleri (1960m) is said to have more than 3300 stone steps. Unrelenting.

The most impressive site of the day was this cyclist riding DOWN all those steps.

I stopped for breakfast at the top, already having climbed a LOT by 11am. This will probably be my toughest day.

Sadly the road does extend this high. There are not many vehicles, however.

It’s a motor free trail starting in Hille, however. At least it is in 2019.

Winter is coming. Crops still be harvested and dried at this elevation.

I made it to Ghoripani (2870m) by about 3:30pm.
Ghoripani Medical Clinic
Most hikers stay in this village intending to hike up to Poon Hill for dawn.

The weather was misty, however. I’m doubtful about tomorrow.

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