20 great hikes worldwide

Looks quite a good list. I’ve done 6 of these myself. All excellent.

Torres del Paine W Trek, Chile
Markha Valley Trek, India
Bechler River Trail, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Tok Tokkie Trails, Namibia
Carros de Foc, Pyrenees, Spain
Inca Trail, Peru
Lost City, Columbia
Camino de Santiago, Spain
Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia
King’s Peak, Utah, USA
Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda & Democratic Republic of Congo
Jebal Shams, Oman
Conrad Kain Hut, Bugaboos, Canada
Cordillera Real, Bolivia
Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Choquequirao Ruins, Peru
Poon Hill Trek, Nepal
Jesus Trail, Israel
Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia
Albanian Alps

Click through for details, permits, costs, etc.

20 of the Best Wilderness Hikes Around the World from Travel Bloggers

The one that appeals most to me right now is doing something in the Cordillera Real, Bolivia.

Something like Cam Honan’s 150 miles (241 km) 9-day Cordillera Real Traverse.

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