Pyrenees High Route: Etsaut to Cauterets

Ultimate Gear Lists:

The Pyrenees High Route (Haute Route Pyrénées, HRP) is a long distance hiking trail that follows the mountainous divide along the French-Spanish border. …

The 497 mile (800 km) long HRP trail follows the backbone of the mountain range all the way from the Atlantic Ocean in  the west to the Mediterranean Sea in the east. On average it takes about 45-50 days to complete. Since many hikers are unable to spare the time, expense, or effort necessary to thru-hike the entire trail, we suggest an alternative 5-6 day itinerary below that covers some of the most stunning sections of the trail. …

  • LENGTH: 45 miles / 72 km
  • DURATION: 5-6 days
  • TYPE: One-way
  • START: Etsaut, France
  • FINISH: Cauterets (Pont d’Espagne), France
  • BEST TIME: July & August

It is also worth noting that the Pyrenees are home to two other long distance trails: the French GR10 and Spanish GR11. Both of these trails also follow the Pyrenees mountains for their entire length. However, the GR10 and GR11 each remain exclusively on one side of the French-Spanish border, travel at a lower elevation, and are well marked. Whereas the HRP trail constantly hops back and forth across the border, follows the highest part of the mountain range, and is not officially marked. …



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