Pacific Rim Traverse in British Columbia

Most everyone who visits Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island walks Long Beach.

It’s a classic.

MB Guiding posted a way to turn it into a 2 day hike.

We planned our hikes to coincide with very low morning tides. Thousands of anemones and hundreds of starfish in remote tide pools and hidden sea caves! A highlight was stopping for a break at South Beach and having two whales join us within 100 m of the coastline. The Pacific Rim Traverse is a great introduction to coastal hiking and camping. Prepare for a bigger adventure like the West Coast Trail …

Pacific Rim Traverse – Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

I’ve done most of that myself day hiking. Tenting at Green Point Campground.

Consider going during the winter. It might be cool and stormy, but you’ll have the beach mostly to yourself.


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