Wales – Pembrokeshire Coast Path – day 1

Trip Report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles

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I’ve been trying to get to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path for years. It’s one of our top 10 coastal hikes in the world.

Happily, I can now personally confirm that it deserves to be on that list.

Opened 1970, it’s 186 miles (299km). You can hike it in 12 days of about 15 miles.

Few thru hike. But it’s very popular with day hikers.

I knew the area around Tenby had some of the best hiking sections. So decided to take the train from Cardiff to Tenby to start.

A second train got me 2 miles away from the Manorbier Youth Hostel. (It’s in Skrinkle, not Manorbier.) I used my camera flashlight and to find my way over dark rural roads. I arrived at the hostel 9pm.

Next morning I fueled up with a hearty Welsh breakfast. And plenty of coffee.

The hostel is perfect. Right on the Coast Path.

They have inexpensive private rooms, tenting and these cute huts.

It’s an ideal base for hiking. Head for the water. And follow the acorn blazes.

The weather this day was … Welsh. Threatening. But no rain.

Though parkland, much of the walk has grazing animals staring at you.

As expected, these cliffs are rugged.

It’s an area that that has been much used by the British military over the years. Near Penally you can still see trenches where troops trained during WW I.

Approaching Tenby you begin to see holiday home trailer parks.

The number of full time residents is smaller than I’d expect.

The trail is endless entertaining. There’s always something unexpected around the next corner.

I was impressed with Tenby from some distance away.

In fact, I’d say Tenby is as cute and interesting a holiday destination as any town I can recall. Visit Tenby and stay 2-3 nights. There’s plenty to do and see.

Past Tenby is one official end of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It’s a nice walk to Amroth.

And I was happy to reach the start.

I caught the last bus returning to Tenby. And the last bus from Tenby back to the hostel.

There are buses along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, but some run very few times a day. Especially during the “winter” season which normally starts October 1st.

All in all, an excellent hiking day.

day 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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  1. We were in the area in May, but we only did day hikes as you alluded to being the more typical way to see the area. Not sure if we’d ever walk the continuous coast path ever, but looking forward to seeing your experience on going through it.

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