MEC Spark tent vs Hubba

I first posted this in 2016. And did buy another Hubba. My third. I do love that tent.

Next time I will go for the MEC Spark, I think. It’s cheaper. And has far better waterproofing ratings.

___ original post:

I’m a Hubba guy. Hundreds of nights in the iconic one man tent and I’ve no complaints.


Slightly lighter, slightly cheaper is the new MEC Spark.



2 Replies to “MEC Spark tent vs Hubba”

  1. I have a 2 person Hubba and I’m not sure that I’m loving it just yet. It’s probably my own fault though. I find it’s been pretty cold. I loved my old Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2. But, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the vestibules tighter to the ground on the Hubba. The big open space on either side seems to let a lot of cold air in (and we usually do most of our hiking in the fall.) Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the vestibule. You want air flow to reduce condensation.

      Instead consider packing a better sleeping mattress or bag to stay warm.

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