Best of The Bruce – Lion’s Head

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

I enjoyed my meal and fast wifi at Rachel’s Bakery and 50’s Diner. Too much.

Turned out I stayed too long.

To make it to McKay’s Harbour Overnight Rest Area I’d need to hike fast.

I parked at the Cemetery Road trailhead and dashed into the … apple trees.

The Bruce here is a gorgeous hike along the Niagara Escarpment with views out to Barrow Bay.

The footing is tricky. Especially approaching cliff edge.

It was getting dark far too quickly.

Finally I decided to wild camp rather than risk stumbling on in the dark. This spot was excellent, actually. (The cross pole on my tent broke, however. Design failure for the Hubba NX.)

Next morning — at the turnoff — the name changes to the Cotswold Way – Bruce Friendship Trail.

No rush this morning. I stopped to enjoy the views much more often than the previous evening.

The Lion’s Head is one of these jutting overhangs.

This is a pothole in a glacial erratic.

I took the Ilse Hanel to loop back to my vehicle. There are many options on the Lion’s Head. And it’s so well signed you never need to pull out your map.

Happy to be back at the trailhead after about 15km total. No damage done to the vehicle overnight.

See my photos on Flickr.

The Bruce Trail is more than 890 km (550 mi) long and there are over 400 km (250 mi) of associated side trails. I spent a week hiking some of the best sections.

Explore the Bruce – Lion’s Head


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